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Shadi strongly believes that if you experienced the bitterness of losing your authentic self at some point in your life, you are 100 steps closer to your ultimate happiness. After darkness comes light.

Ultimately Shadi is a living example of the miracles which are possible for every human on earth.

Shadi is today one of the best Licensed Life/Spiritual coaches, who helped thousands of women transform their lives and achieve ultimate happiness the same ways she achieved hers. Her magical tools and methods are now serving many women as their day-to-day magic wand.

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Since Shadi has limited time for private coaching, the number of clients she accepts is limited. For this reason, Shadi will do a 30 min To-Get-To-Know session before becoming your private Coach. If your Coaching gets approved with her, she will directly book your appointment.

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What others say:

Four days ago I had the pleasure to spend an hour of my first session with Shadi. I hired her as my virtual Life Coach from fiver. And I only talked to her for an hour, but this one hour has been short, sweet, deep into my soul and life turning. For the past four days, I have experienced deep happiness in my heart again. I lived the happiest weekend of my life since 25 years ago. I felt like I wanted to say a big thank you to Shadi and I sent her a message asking where I can leave her a review and she said on Google. But I don't want this to only be a review. Shadi I want this to be a big thank you to you for giving my heart the light of joy again. I don't know how you could manage to do this in one hour, but all I know is that I want to keep talking to you for one hour, every Friday for the rest of my life. You made it happen for me girl. God bless you and your beautiful soul sister.

Valentina J

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Some of us have stronger resilience power than the rest of us, and the only measurement that makes us different in the strength of our resilience power is the level of self-awareness and in general awareness. The more awareness we gain the higher resilience power we discover within our self.

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