More about Shadi and 

And her transformation journey 


Shadi has managed to transform her life from lower than rock bottom to her dream life that she always wanted to live.

She's today in a relationship with all the qualities she always asked for on her manifestation journey, doing the work she always wanted to do, living a life she always visioned for herself. In another word, she managed to manifest all her dreams up until this very moment. All in less than one year.

According to her "She found the golden key to manifesting a dream life, she calls it her manifestation machine, and she believes that this machine is working better, smoother and faster than ever before". 


Before this all, she was living a stressful life. She was unknowingly involved with the wrong type of people, in a wrong career, living the wrong lifestyle. While dealing with her rollercoaster-like relationship, at the same time, while living her miserable day to day life, she also lost her only brother to sudden death. She hit the rock bottom and even lower. She was devastated in every way. This all happened at the beginning of 2019 when she found herself lower than rock bottom in her life while grieving over the loss of an amazing brother she once had.

With all that said, It's time to get to the great part...

In less than one year she changed her life and her destiny. She learned about the energy shifts of the world which has began from 2019, and her mission became shifting her own energies to align with the new energy frequencies of the world. Instead of breaking into pieces, she stood back up. She used all the terrible experiences to choose the right type of people in her circle of love, she found her true boundaries, she followed her dreams, started manifesting stronger than ever before. She healed her wounds and she never looked back again, not even for a second. 

Today she has an amazing circle of lovely friends, family, and clients who love, support, and believe in her.

She believes, getting to that level of rock bottom was her key to finding the secret to happiness & success. She's grateful for all that happened for her. Not TO her, But FOR her.

She's today one of the best Licensed Life Alchemy and Manifestation Coaches and she helps thousands of women to heal, get back up and achieve their dreams. 


Now that she is extremely successful as a coach, she has decided to come up with a magical online workshop "DIY your happy life" which allows her to share all her life changing secrets with more people all around the world. She also wrote her first book "DIY your happy life" and her mission is to show more and more people the secret of magical life transformation.

And about her angel brother; she feels him everywhere she goes and she believes that his soul is now her guardian angel.